Python and R Resources for Scottish Teachers

prson using macbook pro and a python coding book

STEM resources for teachers in Scotland using GLOW. This project is part of the STEM grant from Education Scotland for Continuing Lifelong Professional Learning (CLPL). Our goal is to provide Python and R resources to support Scottish teachers in their journey of integrating coding and data science into their classrooms.

This open licensed (CC BY 4.0) GitHub repository hosts Python and RStudio teaching and learning content developed by EDINA, the centre for digital expertise at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with Education Scotland to provide continuous learning materials for use with the Noteable service. The materials are organised by programming language and level within the Scottish curriculum.

These resources are for coding activities developed in Jupyter notebooks and RStudio using the Noteable platform ( for Scottish teachers and learners. The materials cover topics from the curriculum in Computing Science, Mathematics, Statistics and other fields involving data analysis. The content in these notebooks aims to provide support and learning materials for teachers to adopt and use the Noteable service across school in Scotland, to deliver curriculum topics involving the analysis of numbers, data or other types of information and programming elements at Scottish Qualifications Authority National Levels.

This GitHub repository contains a variety of resources, including:

  • Python Resources: A collection of Python tutorials, exercises, and projects suitable for classroom use.
  • R Resources: A collection of R tutorials, exercises, and projects suitable for classroom use, in line with the Highers Applications of Mathematics SQA unit.
  • Curriculum Guides: Guides on how to integrate these resources into your existing set of curriculum activities and class planning.

GitHub Python and R Resources for Scottish Teachers



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