Re-use, OER, & 23 Things

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The University of Edinburgh’s 23 Things for Digital Knowledge is a self-directed course aimed towards students new to The University of Edinburgh to introduce and refresh the range of digital tools, services, software, support, and knowledge available. The original University of Edinburgh’s ‘23 Things for Digital Knowledge’ course was inspired by 23 Things Oxford and based on the original 23 Things program which ran at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in the USA in 2006.

What you may not know is that for both iterations of the course, content has been created by re-using open licensed content from the University of Edinburgh and itself is open licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY). In fact we actively encourage you to take our Digital Knowledge course and adapt it for your own purposes.

Some of the excellent images used on our website were created specifically for the award winning (LILAC Credo Digital Literacy Award 2017) first iteration of the course by our Interactive Content team at the University. All of these are available on a CC BY licence and can be downloaded from the Interactive Content Flickr account.

Other images used in the current version of this course were also sourced open licensed and we have provided a full list of the open licensed images used to create this course.

Examples of some of the open licensed content from the University that has been incorporated into this course include:

  1. Digital Footprint: Creating an Effective Online Presence. Presenter: Dr Louise Connelly, University of Edinburgh, CC BY-NC-SA. 
  2. Digital Safety, Wellbeing and Citizenships: New students must read information, © Victoria Madden, Shivani Rao, University of Edinburgh, 2022, CC BY-SA 4.0, unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Digital Safety Wellbeing and Citizenship, © Victoria Madden, Shivani Rao, University of Edinburgh, 2022, CC BY-SA 4.0, unless otherwise indicated. 
  4. Using lecture recording – a guide for students, Nordmann et al. (2018). CC BY 4.0
  5. Social media algorithms: Dangerous Data, by Alyssa Heggison with Amy Yin, Megan Thomson and Dr Vicki Madden, The University of Edinburgh ISG, CC BY-SA 4.0
  6.  Wooclap training videos, Education Design and Engagement, ISG, CC BY 4.0
  7.  Wikimedian in Residence channel, Media Hopper Create, CC licences various


We were incrediblty pleased to see the first iteration of the course re-mixed by the Scottish Social Services Council for their own 23 Things course. Additional re-uses and re-mixes of our course are listed below.

UoE integrations of the course:

  • Edinburgh Digital Award
  • Centre for Open Learning Access course

Some external institutions using the course:

  • Scottish Social Services Council
  • NHS Lothian
  • Belmont Academy (Scottish High School)
  • Skåne County Libraries – Sweden
  • International Business course at the Cooperative State University Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany.
  • Australian Librarians!
  • Seattle Pacific University

So if you see something you like and feel that it could prove useful in your own resources, then please re-use away! And do let us know about it so we can share your resource onwards as well.