Rube Goldberg machines

Students working on a rube goldberg machine

This collection of Rube Goldberg machine videos were created by University of Edinburgh ‘Engineering 1’ students during 2020.

Engineering 1 is the first course all of our engineering students take as they hit their university studies. The course was redesigned from a blank slate in 2020-2021 as part of a wider curriculum renewal effort at the School of Engineering. Dr Simone Dimartino used a project-based approach to develop professional skills while cultivating community building.

Students were asked to play with their role as “engineers in the making” from day 1 with a challenge to deliver on 4 different group projects. The grand finale was the production of a group video showing their Rube Goldberg machine: an unnecessarily complicated device to execute a trivial action!

The excellent level of interaction and coordination achieved by the teams is exemplified by the final group videos published in the Engineering 1 Media Hopper Replay channel. Student’s group videos of their Rube Goldberg machines have been open licensed are a great example of collaboration, creativity, and playful learning application.

Click here to go to the Engineering 1 Rube Goldberg Machine channel .


Opening first Rube Goldberg lecture

British cup of tea with biscuits

Dispense the sanitiser

Light Up the Holidays

Present Beneath the Tree

Header Image: Artwork by @allison_horst, CC BY