SatSchool – Introduction to Earth Observation Module

A satellite in orbit above the earth

This resource is an adaptation of the corresponding SatSchools website module. SatSchool is an Earth observation outreach programme designed and delivered by PhD students from SENSE CDT, spanning multiple universities and research groups. The pack includes an introductory presentation, four booklets and two worksheets which give an overview of how satellite observation is used to measure changes on Earth. The booklets cover topics including orbit types, sensors and image resolution.

This resource is suggested as a third and fourth level science resource (suggested ages 10 – 14).

This is an interdisciplinary resource which focusses on the use of science to observe natural events and their impact on humans and the landscape. These resources form the foundation of an understanding of the way we can use technology to produce digital imaging, giving a history of the science of satellites in space leading the way to current developments in technology. Learners are encouraged to ask questions, engage with scientific developments and consider the role of real-world scientists in understanding Space and Earth. 

Earth observation explores the use of satellites and other technology used to measure Earth from space. This resource introduces this through booklets covering four key sections:

  1. Overview
  2. Satellites and Orbits
  3. Satellite Sensors
  4. Image Resolution

Also included is an introductory overview presentation and two activity worksheets.

Intro To Earth Observation Module Logo

Intro to Earth Observation Module Logo, by Calum Hoad, The University of Edinburgh

This pack is suitable as a standalone resource, but the resources also match up well with the topics covered in the other SatSchool modules, so can supplement and enhance those materials.

Relevant Learning Outcomes: SCN 3-20a, SCN 3-08a, SCN 3-11b, SCN 4-11b, SOC 3-14a, SOC 3-08a

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This resource is an adaptation of one of six SatSchool Earth Observation Educational Modules. View the full OER collection here! 



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