Stem cells & regenerative medicine

This SlideShare presentation was developed by Martha Lopez Yrigoyen and is intended as a flexible tool for lectures and tutorials for first year students in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences. Diagrams are also encouraged to be used by scientists, science communicators and educators.

Not all slides will be useful for everyone or for every occasion. Slides can be adapted for the purpose needed.

There are two main activities intended for undergraduate students to engage and deepen their knowledge in the field of stem cells. The first activity is more general and its aim is to familiarise students with the core concepts in stem cell and regenerative medicine. The second activity is a novel and current example of how induced pluripotent stem cells are being used in cutting edge biomedical research. The two publications suggested for students to read can be swapped for other examples.

This SlideShare presentation was made as an OER by Martha Lopez Yrigoyen as part of the Digital Education module for the Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) in Academic Practice at The University of Edinburgh.

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Header Image: “Human embryonic stem cells.png” by Ayacop is licensed under CC BY 2.5