Advice from HR was not to call this job ‘Witchfinder General’. So we didn’t. But we wanted to. University of Edinburgh has a database of Scottish Witches. It has been published as open data and we are looking for a Data and Visualisation Intern to work with our Wikimedian in Residence to help us develop …

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Open Unwrapped – Percy Shelley’s ‘The serpent is shut out from paradise’.

University of Edinburgh festive bauble gift by Pingked (Flickr) CC BY-NC

The 3rd of our ‘Twelve days of Open’ is the digital scan of the letters and manuscript of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘The serpent is shut out from paradise’. Addressed to Edward Williams, the poem is one of eleven Percy wrote for Jane Williams. In the note included with this manuscript Percy writes that Edward may read the poem to Jane “but to no one else”.

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