Teaching Matters: Five OER Inspirations

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This month’s Teaching Matters Newsletter highlights five inspirations from the recent OER theme Open for Good: Five Years of Open Education Resources at The University of Edinburgh, curated by Charlie Farley.  The highlights, selected by Teaching Matters editor Dr Jenni Scoles, include

  • Generating a generous and collegial workplace ethos with open practice
  • Using OER to tackle wicked problems
  • Working with open licensed resources encourages tinkering
  • Providing co-creation opportunities for students with OER
  • Encouraging continuous professional development for academics

We’re also delighted to have a Collegiate Commentary from Dr Jane Secker, Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City, University of London. In her thoughtful reflection, Jane comments:

“Working with colleagues over the past few years in the open education team at Edinburgh, has been a really collegiate process…. guidance on using digital technology in teaching during the pandemic has been really helpful, such as the lecture recording policies and guidance for students when participating in online learning. These have highlighted all the good practice at Edinburgh and has allowed us to develop valuable training and resources for staff at City. As a concept, I think open education is about giving back and tackling some of the inequalities in our education system, but I also appreciate it’s something that requires a certain level of privilege.”

You can read the rest of Jane’s commentary along with Jenni’s Five Highlights here: Teaching Matters Newsletter.

Header image: Original artwork by Kelly Zou, MA Illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art.