Technology Enabled Care Programme

Pawel Orzechowski and Gillian Fyfe

In this open licensed video for the introductory Masters-level course, Software Development for Health and Social Care, Pawel Orzechowski interviews guest speaker Gillian Fyfe. Gillian is a Transformational Lead for the Technology Enabled Care Programme at The Scottish Government. In this interview Gillian shares her journey, including co-creating innovation as a Head of Digital at Alzheimer Scotland and shares stories about software used in Social Care, including challenges and top tips.

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Software Development for Health and Social Care is an introductory Masters-level course (SCQF Level 11). It provides foundational skills and/or an overview of the subject – no prior knowledge is needed.

This online course provides an introduction to software development in the health, social and care services context. Students gain hands-on practical experience of programming in Python, one of the main languages used in software development, as well as the tools and frameworks that are used in the health and social care sector. The course outlines how software is designed, developed and managed to achieve the delivery of high-quality, efficient, robust, portable and usable software applications. Students are introduced to areas of increasing prominence in the health, social and care services sector, including the importance of software sustainability and the rise of reusable methods and programming.



Header Image: Screenshot from interview with Gillian Fyfe