The Sea-Level Story – GeoScience

On a clear summer day, a series of interlocking melt pools show as beautiful aquamarine reminiscent of shallow tropical lagoons.

This resource was designed, developed and produced by Roseanne Smith as part of the GeoScience Outreach course at the University of Edinburgh. It explores how and why sea levels have varied over the last tens of thousands of years, and the effects this had both at the time and today.

Topics covered include: glaciation, global warming and its potential consequences, and isostasy and its effects.

The resource includes a main lesson plan, a PowerPoint presentation on on Isostatic Uplift, printable photographs and questions, on both a Word document and PowerPoint, a student workbook, and both a base timeline and the components to stick on to illustrate the geological timescales.

Aimed at Scottish CfE Third and Fourth level as a part of the Broad General Education, the resource can be used as part of Geography teaching. It has strong applications in glaciation work, geology work, and as an illustration when discussing the potential impacts of global warming.

The resource is provided on a CC BY-SA licence and has been uploaded to TES Connect which hosts a range of lesson materials for early years, primary, secondary, and special needs teaching.

Keywords: sea level, glaciation, isostasy, geography, climate change, global warming,

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Image: Arct0264 – Flickr – NOAA Photo Library, Collection of Dr. Pablo Clemente-Colon, Chief Scientist National Ice Center on Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0