Where to find OER by The University of Edinburgh


Our staff and students are encouraged to create, licence, and share their own resources anywhere on the web that is suitable for whatever type of resource they create. This means we don’t have complete oversight or knowledge of all the content being created and shared out of the University, but we hope it does make the content that much more accessible and discoverable.

When we become aware of OER we showcase and highlight those resources on our Edinburgh’s OER pages.

Additionally, accounts have been created on a number of platforms to share resources under the Open.Ed banner, including:

Media Hopper

Media Hopper is the University’s Media Asset platform. It provides all staff and students with a space that they can use to upload media and then publish to various places, including VLEs, Websites and social media channels.

Media Hopper also has three channels that are particularly useful for finding openly licensed content:

  • Creative Commons Channel – lists all media content on a Creative Commons licence.
  • Open Media Bank –  a collection of licensed media originally created for MOOCs, for sharing, reuse and remixing.
  • Open Media Snippets –  a collection of openly licensed media snippets for sharing, remixing and reuse.


TES Connect

TES Connect is an online platform where educators can discover and share original teaching materials. Its focus is on sharing materials for primary and secondary school, and up to early undergraduate, education levels.

We currently have 28 resources on TES. Most of these have come from the Geosciences Outreach course with assistance from our summer OER Content Curator interns.



Sketchfab is the leading platform to publish and find 3D and VR content online.You can upload files in almost any 3D format, licence, and then embed them on any web page, and share them on other platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

We have two collections currently on Sketchfab. One includes 3D animal skeletons and skulls from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary School, and the other includes 3D renderings of artefacts from the University of Edinburgh archives.

Centre for Research Collections on Sketchfab

Royal (Dick) Veterinary School on Sketchfab

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone. It acts as a common repository for the various projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, but you do not need to belong to one of those projects to use media hosted here.

We currently have a selection of images from around the University, and from some of the Geoscience Outreach resources up on our Wikimedia Commons account.


Flickr is an online photo management and sharing platform with wide international use. Flickr provides the option of applying Creative Commons licences to any photographs uploaded to the platform.

The Interactive Content team also have a great collection of OER up on their Flickr account: Interactive Content Flickr



YouTube is the worlds largest online video sharing platform. YouTube offers two types of licences for videos uploaded to the platform, including the Creative Commons Attribution licence.

The OpenEdinburgh YouTube Channel has over 300 videos, many from our various Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), as well as a growing list of open educational video resources.



If you have any open educational resources content from the University of Edinburgh that we should know about, please get in touch!


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Crop of page no.9 in the digitised 1599 print of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, University of Edinburgh, CC BY

Read more about the Digitised Shakespeare Collection here