Where to find OERs

There are a number of different repositories and websites where you can find open education resources.

Open Repositories:
Open repositories allow anyone to upload and download learning resources in more than one format for reuse and remixing. The repositories provide a wide variety of types and levels of resources and provide guidance on the level of CC licences the resources are provided under.

Find an Open Repository

Specialised Content Sites:
Additionally there are websites which offer only one format of content but specialise in that field. Some of these you may be familiar with include Flickr, Soundcloud, and YouTube. You can search within these sites to find resources under CC licences.

Find a Specialised Content Site

Search via Creative Commons:
Creative Commons have also created a service that allows you to set the terms of your search, how you wish to use the item, and the search engine you would like to use. If there’s any doubt you should contact the copyright holder directly, or try to contact the site where you found the content.

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