Where to upload/share your resources

Our staff and students are encouraged to create, licence and share their own open licensed resources anywhere on the web that is useful to manage them and enable them to be found and re-used by other users.

Many repositories and platforms have enabled Creative Commons licensing making it easy for you to select and display the licence along with other information such as who to attribute. If you have your own blog, website, video, or presentation that you would like to mark with a CC licence, we’ve put together a page with links and details on how to do this: How to apply a CC licence on a publishing platform

The University of Edinburgh also maintains accounts on a number of online platforms to share open educational resources created by staff and students under the Open.Ed banner. If you’re interested in content on our official channels you can find out more about these on our OER Channels page.

There are a variety of places you can choose to create, upload, and share your open licensed resources. You can share on your own website, or by uploading and posting your resource to an existing repository (such as the University’s multimedia repository Media Hopper Create), or to an online repository or community.

The pages below link to tables with information on specific types of repositories where you may choose to share your open licensed resources.

Open Repositories
Many choose to upload and share their resources on an open repository where anyone can upload and download learning resources in more than one format for reuse and remixing.

Find an Open Repository

Specialised Content Sites
Additionally there are websites which offer only one format of content but specialise in that field. Some of these you may be familiar with include Flickr, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Find a Specialised Content Site