Edinburgh’s OERs

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) – Information pack for Students and Teachers

Medical Tools and Equipment

This is a resource pack designed for pupils and teachers of CfE Higher Human Biology. It covers the effects and […]

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Food Production and Insects

This resource is a set of 5 lesson plans with slides, an experiment (with worksheets for analysing the results) and assessment items. The target audience for this resource is for learners aged between 14 and 16 years.

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Exploring Escher – Mathematics Printmaking Workshop

Workshop about Escher’s printmaking, exploring the artist, his process and the mathematics underlying his work.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing Booklet

A collection of strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing, a list of youth support agencies and a section with templates to aid the completion of some strategies.

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Near Future Teaching

The Near Future Teaching project ran between 2017 and 2019, with the goal of developing a values-based vision for the […]

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Open Education & Knowledge

Webinar by the Open.Ed Service as part of Open Education Week 2019

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Openness, Equality and Inclusion

three flags with the words: community, Equality, Diversity

A collection of resources focussing on openness, equality and inclusion developed by the Open.Ed service. The Long View: Changing Perspectives […]

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Open & Lecture Recording

Laptop displaying the logo "Media Hopper Replay".

A collection of resources on Copyright and Open Licensing for Lecture Recording developed by the Open.Ed service.  These resources were […]

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Open Education Practice

Paper covered with the word "Open" in different sizes

A collection of resources on Open Education Practice developed by the Open.Ed service. The Long View: Changing Perspectives on OER […]

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