3DVerkstan Protective Visor Models

As part of an initiative to manufacture face shields for the NHS, colleagues at uCreateStudio have developed a 3D model for stackable protective visors based on the 3DVerkstan 3D-printed protective visor (CC BY-SA). The model, which can be downloaded under open licence from Sketchfab, has been refined by uCreateStudio for single filament stacked printing. These stacks separate easily with a scraper/spatula. A small amount of postprocessing is advised, spending about 10 seconds per mask filing the under surface. gcode files and settings for use with Ultimaker 3 3D printers, with a single 0.8AA nozzle and PLA filament, can be downloaded directly from uCreateStudio.

  • Download the .stl model from Sketchfab. (CC BY-SA)
  • Download the gcode files from uCreate Studio. (CC BY-SA)

This alternative modification of the 3DVerkstan visor created by Colin Wilson of the School of Informatics can also be downloaded from Sketchfab.  Since the end of March 2020, Informatics technicians have printed hundreds of face shields per day in an attempt to help the NHS and Care Homes with an increasing shortage of personal protective equipment.  You can read more about this initiative here: The Appleton Tower face shield factory. 

  • Download the .stl model from Sketchfab. (CC BY-SA)