Black History Month

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This collection of open education resources was collated to mark Black History Month 2021. Black History Month is an annual event that celebrates the achievements of black Britons and people of colour throughout history.

International Network of Scholars and Activists for Afrikan Reparations (INOSAAR)


A short lecture on the history and significance of Juneteenth by Prof. Joyce Hope Scott, Boston University.  CC BY.

The Reparations Movement in Afrika and the Diaspora

Footage from a panel session at the Porto Novo Conference on Reparations, with presentations by Isis Amlak (Global Afrikan Congress UK) and Prof Dr Ayo Yusuff (Institute of African and Diaspora Studies, Nigeria).  CC BY-NC-ND.

Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture and Society

Archiving Gaps: Reading Zimbabwe and the Internet

Dr Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow at IASH, discusses critical meditations on archiving gaps. CC BY-NC.


ConveRACEions is a project set up by PhD students in the School of Health in Social Science at The University of Edinburgh. In collaboration with Rosie Stenhouse, Equality and Diversity Coordinator, this initiative aims to discuss and dismantle barriers to racial equality, as well as ways of moving forward.

Speaking out about race, insurrection and the police: Will you listen now?

Barbara Becnel speaking at the ConverRACEions event about race, insurrection and the police: “Will you listen now?”. CC BY-NC-SA.

Black European History

African Presence in Renaissance Europe

Prof Jill Burke, Edinburgh College of Art, considers black Africans in Renaissance Europe, particularly Italy. CC BY.


Scotland, Slavery and Black History

Scotland, Slavery and Black History… and Wikipedia

The AfroCROWD Juneteenth Wiki Civil Rights Conference of 2020

This session revisits the AfroCROWD Juneteenth Wiki Civil Rights Conference of 2020. The panel includes – Sherry Antoine, ED; Alexandria Lockett, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Spelman College; Brandon Sullivan, Wiki Caribbean Communications; Linda Fletcher, AfroCROWD Community; Laurie Bridges, Oregon State University; Olushola Olaniyan, Wkimedia Nigeria; Rosie Stevenson Goodnight, Women in Red; Adele Vrana, Whose Knowledge?; Anasuya Sengupta, Whose Knowledge?; Pete Forsyth, News On Wiki NOW; Euphemia Uwandu, Wiki Vibrance.

Diverse Collections

Diverse Collections is a blog showcasing stories of equality and diversity within the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections. Posts include:


A selection of blogposts on black history from Blogs.Ed, staff and student blogs for our connected learning community.

Header image: Free to use image by Aaron Mervin from Pixabay.