CMALT Cohort Open Resources

Round cupcakes with pink icing and the CMALT logo.

This is a collection of resources for the planning, development, and management of a CMALT cohort which have been openly licensed for other groups or institutions looking to start their own CMALT cohorts.

CMALT Accreditation via the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) provides pathways to peer-assessed accreditation for Learning Technology professionals in the UK and internationally.

As part of The University of Edinburgh commitment to supporting professional development, the Learning Teaching and Web (LTW) Directorate of Information Services Group (ISG) from 2016 to 2019 offered a university-wide scheme for the continuing professional development of staff working with learning technology.

This collection of resources includes :

  • An overview of the University of Edinburgh CMALT scheme
  • Planning questions
  • Sample application form
  • Meeting presentations in all core areas
  • writing retreat facilitation guide
  • CMALT themed images openly licensed on Flickr.

Click here for the CMALT cohort resources

Cover image “CMALT Cup Cakes” on Flickr, by Susan Greig, University of Edinburgh, 2018. CC BY