Diversity and Inclusion Questions for IT Procurement

This diversity and inclusion question for IT procurement tenders was developed by the University of Edinburgh’s Website and Communications Technologies Division in order to combine aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion and rate bidding suppliers against their track record, policies and approaches towards them.

Please describe your company’s approach to diversity and inclusion, such as value statements, policies, compliance with relevant legislation or other documentation, and processes you have in place for recruiting and developing members of groups that are typically underrepresented in the technology sector. Please also demonstrate your commitment to fair work practices for workers (including any agency or sub-contractor workers) engaged in the delivery of this contract. Answers need not be constrained to or be reflective of any of examples in the Fair Work Practices section of the Instructions to Tenderers document.

Guidance to grade responses is also available, however this has not been made available under open licence as it is normally restricted to the procurement evaluation team and is not shared with bidding suppliers.  If you are a Higher Education institution or other education provider, you are welcome to contact open.ed@ed.ac.uk for a copy of the grade guidance.