DIY Film School

The DIY Film School offers training and advice on using equipment designed for mobile filmmaking and have created an openly licensed downloadable booklet for anyone interested in improving their film skills using smart devices.

An open online course also available but has not been openly licensed. The course has been provided for communications and marketing professionals, students of all disciplines, technologists, archivists, educators and people who just want to make better videos for fun.

Smartphones are owned by 85% the population in the UK. A decent camera is an essential attribute of any smartphone and the ability to record high definition and often 4k footage is the norm. Broadcasters and video professionals are increasingly looking to mobile filmmaking as a way of creating new and exciting content and new products to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a full featured video production suite are appearing daily.

There are key advantages to filming on mobiles:

  1. We almost always carry our mobile devices. Essentially we have a high-quality video camera and a means to record and broadcast content available at all times. It’s more immediate and more portable than a traditional camera rig.
  2. Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the preferred device for accessing the internet. Users who routinely carry out complicated tasks on mobile devices may be less con dent using an unfamiliar camera. Filming on a smartphone removes that barrier.


Click here for more information about the DIY Film School and to download the booklet

Header Image: Mobile camera filming, by DIY Film School (University of Edinburgh) is licensed CC BY-NC