Metabolic bone disease lecture

MBChB Body in motion: Metabolic bone disease

This ‘Metabolic bone disease’ lecture was created by Gavin Brown for the HCP-MBChB, which is a new medical degree course that started this year (2020). It’s an innovative course which takes existing healthcare practitioners (HCPs) from Scotland and allows them to achieve a medical degree through 3 years part-time study followed by 2 years full-time. The goal of the course is to widen access to a medical degree and to address the national shortage of GPs.

Metabolic bone disease is a term used to refer to a number of different pathologies that are caused by defects in the process of normal bone turnover and result in abnormalities or deformities of bone. This lecture provides an introduction to the two broad categories which are disorders of bone remodelling and bone mineralisation.

The lecture is freely available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license on the University’s media platform Media Hopper Create where it can be viewed, and also embedded into other webpages. The lecture resource also includes downloadable slides with a transcript of the audio.

Click here to view the Metabolic bone disease lecture directly Media Hopper Create and to download the additional resources


Gavin is a senior clinical lecturer and a consultant orthopaedic surgeon. He is the e-learning lead for the new HCP-MBChB course which is mostly online for the first 3 years and therefore requires all of the undergraduate content to be taught via distance learning.