Poetry reading with Andrés N Ordorica

Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) and The University of Edinburgh Staff Pride Network hosted and have shared an open licensed recording of ‘Blurring Borders: A World In Motion: Poetry Reading and Conversation with Andrés N. Ordorica’.

Andrés is an Edinburgh-based queer Latinx poet, writer and educator. He will be reading from his collection, At Least This I Know, published January 2022.

Hosted by: David Creighton-Offord (EREN) and Zahra Massoud (SPN)

Photo credit: Daniel McGowan Photography

Andrés N. Ordorica: https://andresordorica.com/

Andrés also has a newly published book (AT LEAST THIS I KNOW) see: https://lighthousebookshop.com/events/at-least-this-i-know-a-pride-month-poetry-launch-with-andres-o…

Also mentioned: https://scottishbamewritersnetwork.org



Header Image: Title screen from video