Robert Rowand Anderson’s Architectural Drawings

Line drawing of the Old College, Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Research Collections has digitised a collection of architectural drawings from the office of Sir Robert Rowand Anderson (1834-1921), and it is available on


Anderson was a leading architect in Scotland in the late nineteenth century. He had four years of legal training, and then while serving with the Royal Engineers he studied construction and design. He then entered the Architectural Section of the School of the Board of Manufactures, and before setting up in practice in Edinburgh, in around 1875, he spent a year in continental travel. His practice was very successful and his output was large. His work included the University of Edinburgh Medical School, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery (and Museum of Antiquities), Edinburgh, the Montrose Memorial within the High Kirk of St. Giles, Edinburgh, Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute and Central Station Hotel, Glasgow. Anderson was knighted in 1902 and he was the first President of the Scottish Institute of Architects.


The collection includes drawings of some university buildings that he designed, including McEwan Hall and (Old) Medical School, and other projects in Scotland, such as the National Portrait Gallery and Mount Stuart.

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Here are the links to the images of his drawings, licensed under CC BY:

Sketch of Old College with dome, recto

St Patrick’s School, Ground Floor Plan, and End Elevation, No.1

St Patrick’s School, Plan of Ground Floor, No.2

St Patrick’s School, Section of School Room, No.2

St Patrick’s School, Front Elevation and Chimney Piece, No.4

Kirkliston Manse, I

Kirkliston Manse, II

Kirkliston Manse, III

Kirkliston Manse, IV

Kirkliston Manse, V

Kirkliston Manse, VI

Kirkliston Manse, VII

Kirkliston Manse, VIII


Header: Rowand Anderson, Sketch of Old College with dome, 1886, CC BY.