SatSchool – Hands on with Climate Data Module

This resource is made up of informational power points focussing on earth observation technology, and activity packs which guide students through the interpretation of satellite data to observe the effects of deforestation, human activity, seasons and climate change.

This is an interdisciplinary resource which includes historical background,  graphical and map data, with regular pauses included for students to consider in writing the observed geography and events. The activity packs also provide opportunities for students to develop their technical skills and gain awareness of the environment around them and the impacts of human action on the environment.

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Hands on with Data Icon, by Calum Hoad, The University of Edinburgh

Through this resource, an adaptation of the corresponding SatSchools website module, students get a chance to experience the work that geoscientists do to interpret satellite earth observation data. SatSchool is an Earth observation outreach programme designed and delivered by PhD students from SENSE CDT, spanning multiple universities and research groups.

This resource is suggested as a third and fourth level science resource (suggested ages 10 – 14).

This pack is suitable as a standalone resource, covering a wide range of topics including the observation of  Land, Ocean and Ice from space. The activity packs match up with the topics covered in the other SatSchool modules, so they can also supplement and enhance those materials.

Relevant Learning Outcomes: SCN 3-11b, SCN 4-06a, LIT 3-28a, LIT 4-28a, LIT 3-06a / LIT 4-06a,  SOC 4-10a ,  SOC 3-14a , SOC 4-14a, MNU 4-20a, MNU 3-11a, MNU 4-11a, TCH 4-14c

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This resource is an adaptation of one of six SatSchool Earth Observation Educational Modules. View the full OER collection here! 



Header Image: April 2022 LT Temperature Anomaly Map, Earth System Science Centre, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, included in this resource with permission, accessible at:


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