Spaceman Sam and Comets

A photo of a comet with a green haze surrounding, with stars around

This resource is on comets and includes a twelve-minute video and a PDF with four follow up activities. Including: recommended books to borrow, watching a video, doing a quiz, researching and conducting your own experiment. The target audience for this resource is children aged 8-11 years-old. There is also another session which follows the same structure but is about forces, called: Forces Fiona Asks about Gravity.
This project focuses on space, which is a key area of physics outlined in the Science Benchmarks, Experiences & Outcomes (Es & Os) in the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). The activities use active learning and are very versatile and aim to reinforce the knowledge introduced during the stories. The activities range from less to more involved so the participants can progress through them, but they also serve as standalone activities.

This resource bundle includes:

  • The Space Video is available to watch, as seen below. This video is written and read by Amy Cook, following Sam, who lives on the moon, as he meets the Astronomer Caroline Herschel who introduces him to comets through a telescope!

  • The follow up activities sheet accompanying the video is Spaceman Sam Activities, it is available in a downloadable PDF.

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This resource was created by Amy Cook, as part of the Geoscience Outreach course. Adapted by Alysha Wilson. Unless otherwise stated, all content is released under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. 

This resource was originally developed for the City of Edinburgh Libraries.

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Header image: ‘Comet Lovejoy in Ursa Major’ by Aaron Kingery from gallery: ‘Watch the Skies’. Image credit: NASA/MSFC/Jacobs Technology/ESSSA/Aaron Kingery. Licensed under NASA’s general use.