Sustainability Champions Gathering 2021

Hand painted half green holding a plant stem with leaves

The Sustainability Champions Gathering 2021, hosted by the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability.  The video of the event covers what Sustainability Champions are, training and development opportunities, and information on an actions campaign workshop. Guest speaker is climate activist and zero waste campaigner, Laura Young (Less Waste Laura) who joins the event and shares through how she is embracing a climate conscious lifestyle and how others can do the same.

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At the University of Edinburgh there are over 600 staff and student members who are working to make a positive change in their places of work, residence and study. Sustainability Champions benefit from:

  • Newsletters to stay informed of Sustainability Champion activity
  • Priority access to training and events to increase your knowledge of sustainability
  • Funding for your ideas or projects that benefit sustainability
  • Connection with fellow Sustainability Champions through Yammer and networking events

Click here for more information on the Sustainability Champions network at the University of Edinburgh



Header Image:Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels