UNCOVER – Usher Network for Covid-19 Evidence Reviews

UNCOVER is a staff-student partnership led by the Usher Institute that was set up to conduct rapid evidence reviews of COVID-19 research in response to requests from policymakers. The initiative was co-founded by Dr Ruth McQuillian and Professor Harry Campbell and is co-lead by Dr Ruth McQuillian and Professor Evropi Theodoratou. The UNCOVER website, developed by Website and Communications, is based on Open Source software and provides links to Open Access reviews and journal articles, in addition to open licensed educational materials and workshop resources for others conducting rapid evidence reviews. Topics covered include racial and ethnic variation in COVID-19 risk factors and outcomes, transmission and infectivity of COVID-19 in indoor and outdoor environments, COVID-19 in schools, use and effectiveness of facemasks in different community contexts, clinical features and comorbidities, and the prevalence of post COVID-19 syndrome.

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