Understanding Brain Health: Preventing Dementia

hoop embroidery of anatomical brains

20 videos created for the ‘Understanding brain health: preventing dementia’ massive open online course (MOOC) are now available for anyone to use and re-use on a CC BY-SA licence.

50 million people worldwide currently live with dementia. This is projected to increase to over 150 million by 2050. Learn about the early impact of brain diseases and how you can reduce the risk of these developing into dementia.

This course explores:

  • the pathological processes which underpin the diseases that lead to dementia
  • how we can predict and detect these brain diseases earlier by managing our own personal risk factors and
  • designing interventions to improve brain health.

This course is for healthcare professionals and the general public who would like to learn how to protect their brain health.

This course has been created by the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Brain Health Scotland and is endorsed by Alzheimer Scotland.


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Header Image: “Brain Anatomy Hoop Art. Hand Embroidered in Pink and Blue.” by Hey Paul Studios is licensed under CC BY 2.0.