Witchfinder General Internship

map of Scotland with Witch icons on different locations

Since 2019, each summer a Data Visualisation Intern has worked with Ewan McAndrew our Wikimedian in Residence on an ongoing project of investigating and visualising the geographical data from the Scottish Witchcraft Database. Within the project and wider community this role has been referred to as our Witchfinder General.

Over the last five years these interns have created excellent visualisations which have been added to the project website making it into a great educational resource that everyone can access. These visualisations have been based on the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft Database created by academics in the early 2000’s.

Click here for the Scottish Witches Data Visualisation Website

The project has a blog in which each of the Data Visualisation Interns have written about their experience, processes, and output at the conclusion of their internships.

Click here for the Witchfinder General – Data Visualisation Internship blog

All of the video media created across the internships has also been gathered together in an excellent media collection over on Media Hopper Create.

Click here to view the ‘Witchfinder General Internship’ playlist directly on Media Hopper Create




Header Image: Screenshot of the Data Visualisation ‘Places of Residence for Accused Witches (total named accused witches: 3141)’