Board Game Jam – Design Informatics

Design Infomatics Board Game Jam

Original board games created by University of Edinburgh postgraduate students from Design Informatics at the Edinburgh College of Art during a board game jam workshop run in 2016 by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley.

During the workshop students were introduced to the differences between copyright and licensing, how to identify licensed material that is free for re-use, where to find these materials, and how to licence their own work. They were then guided through all the steps to create their own board game. Including prototyping, play-testing, and adding variety and fun by employing different game mechanics. The play testing provides feedback and an opportunity for students to consider the mechanics and design of their games.

In this workshop groups were provided with packs of postcard images from the University of Edinburgh Image Collections with information on the image’s source and licence. Students then had to select which images in their pack were suitable for their needs and used the images to inspire the setting and theme of their game.




  • Rug Rumble (PDF) – created by Kiersten, Xiangjun Lin, Taylor Eafon, Fengzhou, Yu Liu.
  • Afterlife (PDF) – created by Eva Auer, Indra Lukmana, M.Iqbal, Xin Chen, Sean Greaves.
  • Medieval Mayhem (PDF) – created by Katie, Lucky, Edson, Yan, and Xinwei.
  • One Piece (PDF) – created by Zezhong Wang, Yuru Li, Yunxiang Wang, Titi Luo, Yiwei Fu, Wenjing Chen.


Flickr Album – Design Informatics 2016

Board Game Jam - July 2016

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Image: Rug Rumble cards and models adapted from Rug Rumble – cards, rules, and pieces on Flickr. Photograph by Stephanie (Charlie) Farley. Creative Commons Attribution licence 4.0