ClimateHub UK

Illustration of Earth with arms and legs waving

COP26 is only two weeks away and there have been bundles of activities across the education sector to raise awareness and education around climate and environment. One of these has been the creation of Climate Hub UK by the UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) with funding from the Scottish Government.

“As the major UK network for engaging families and the public with science out of school, we have created this Climate hub to bring together the huge range of resources, activities, events and carbon cutting brilliance, so everyone can share resources and knowledge. The aim is to share what we all have, to engage more people than we otherwise could, and to make a step change in what we all do in relation to climate.”

ClimateHub UK brings together COP26 and climate events in a searchable and uploadable manner, along with carbon cutting programmes that other organisations can learn from.

We are pleased to advise the 15 of our excellent OERs for Primary and Secondary level learning created by our Geoscience Outreach students and summer interns have been added to the ClimateHub UK collection of activities and resources to raise education and awareness.

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screenshot of climate hub with Edinburgh OERs