THE Inside Higher Ed Guest Posts by our Team

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The Open Education Service and our wider Educational Engagement and Design Team have been guest posting over on Campus. Campus is a collaboration by Times Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed to create a space where higher education professionals can connect with their peers and find and share advice.

Three of the articles so far have looked at the ways in which open education resources are embedded in so much of what we do, and especially when it comes to creating our massive open online courses (MOOCs):

  1. Free your content! A guide to creating sustainable open licensed media: A guide to creating teaching and learning materials as open educational resources that can be shared and reused by all, by Lorna Campbell, manager of the Open Educational Resources Service at the University of Edinburgh.
  2. Learning by doing: practical tips from 10 years of making Moocs: Two online learning experts share lessons gained during a decade of developing and refining massive open online courses (Moocs), by Stuart Nicol, Head of Educational Design and Engagement (EDE), and Fiona Buckland a Learning Technology Team Manager within EDE, both at the University of Edinburgh.
  3. A look back over 10 years of Moocs: Lessons learned over a decade of developing and delivering massive open online courses (Moocs), by Melissa Highton is assistant principal of online and open learning at the University of Edinburgh.


There are more blog posts in the works from members of our Educational Design and Engagement Team so keep an eye out as those are published over the next month and more.

In the mean time you can also enjoy these great articles especially from members of our EDE Online Course Production services:

  1. Three steps to designing online learning that supports a sustainable future, Lizzy Garner-Foy offers practical guidance on how to plan, design and develop open, accessible online learning materials that support work towards the SDGs, Lizzy Garner-Foy is an instructional designer at the University of Edinburgh
  2. Amplify the authentic student voice in university marketing :Any university can claim to be the best, but in the end, people will believe the students who study there. Here are tips on collaborating with students to create marketing content that amplifies their authentic voice, Ari Badlishah is digital engagement officer in the online learning marketing team at the University of Edinburgh.
  3. Bring your learners to life through personas: Understanding your learners and their needs enables you to develop more engaging courses, and personas are a great tool to help you achieve this, as Andrés Ordorica explains, Andrés Ordorica is an instructional designer at the University of Edinburgh.