Open Unwrapped – a robin’s birdcall

University of Edinburgh festive bauble gift by Pingked (Flickr) CC BY-NC
Red robin with cocked head sitting on a tree branch

Red Robin, Francis C. Franklin, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0

The 6th of our ‘Twelve days of Open’ is the song of a European Robin, or Robin Red Breast, from The British Library, and shared in the Europeana collection.


Described in this record as “the most well-love and best known British bird”, the record also explains that the robin’s song changes throughout the year and is at its strongest and most powerful from around Christmas when breeding territories become established.



Robin, Devon, Robin, Devon, The British Library, (Via Europeana) CC BY



We hope you enjoy our #OpenUnwrapped advent and feel encouraged to further explore the world and practice of ‘Open’.


Stephanie (Charlie) Farley

Open Educational Advisor, EDE


The beautiful image being used as the header for our #OpenUnwrapped posts is of a University of Edinburgh festive bauble gift by Pingked (Flickr) CC BY-NC.